07 October 2007

Bill Clinton shocked at prospect of becoming "First Lady"

Former president Bill Clinton today anounced his concern at becoming First Lady to possible future president Hillary Clinton. Among his statement, he told reporters, "I promise I will not run the country as president like Hillary did when i was in Office."

There is no guarentee the name will change to something more inline with this role. Some suggestions have come in, including: First Man, and Deputy President. Others just think it would be... Hillaryous.


Doug said...

First Laddie. First Philanderer. First Felon. First Phallus. First Fellatee.

Or, since they bill themselves as a two-for one, we could go with what I called them the first time around - Hill/Billy.

Chris said...

Hill/Billy? haha! I don't recall ever hearing that from you.

Doug said...

You didn't know me in the 90's. ;)