08 October 2007

America without Democrats

A new poll was released today by Fox News confirming 1 out of 5 Democrats believe the world would be a better place if America lost the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, personally commented saying, "The world would be a lot better off if Iraq was lost to rampant terrorism and have al Qaeda move in faster than I can finish this sentence."

A second poll that ran beside it confirmed 1 out of 5 Republicans think America would be a better place without Democrats.


Doug said...

As a registered Democrat, I feel that my party is under appreciated in this country. The effects of Democrat participation are, I feel, something that people can't fully appreciate when they've have the benefits of that participation their entire lives. They just don't know what life would be like without Democrats.

I therefore propose that we take a page out of the illegal immigration lobby's playbook in order to emphasize to people just how important Democrats are. In the spirit of raising public awareness, I declare November 4, 2008 to be "A Day Without a Democrat". I beseech all my fellow Democrats to abstain from any and all political activities for the full 24 hours in order to impress upon the general public just how vital we really are. We have over a year to prepare - I know we can do this.

Chris said...

You scare me when you speak criticism. i actually thought you were a registered Democrat for a second.

I think there should be a few more "Day without a Democrat" days. Actually, every weekday should be one, at least.