24 November 2007

Identity Thief Also Pushing for Tighter Security

Earlier this year, a married couple had their identities stolen after the database of an airlines company was hacked into. Within days, malicious activity started accumulating by an identity thief somewhere in Great Britain. The couple agreed to an interview, but wanted their names masked for obvious reasons.

"We couldn't be happier," said Mark and Mary Strong. "We woke up one day, and all of our debt was gone."

The thief was caught earlier this week and the judge made him available to speak with.

"Oh, oh man," said the thief, "I try to get free tickets to Wales, and suddenly I'm $58,000 in debt. I have bills coming every week, and the collections agency is on my ass every the day. You guys have to make these systems more secure."

The judge refused to jail the criminal saying, "No amount of jail time is equivalent to the punishment he's now receiving."

"This is why we decided to mask our names, with our real names," said the couple.

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