11 November 2007

Chavez, Name-calling a Strategy in International Relations

At another United Nations convention, polital leaders from around the globe gather to discuss the ever important matters of the World. US president George Bush was present among the leaders of South America, Europe and Asia. A conversation erupted between Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, the current socialist Prime Minister from Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, the Spanish King Juan Carlos, and Bush.

Responding to September's incident when Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, called Bush the Devil, the US leader decided to show up wearing bright red colored contacts.

"I wanted to show good ol' Hugo that he either respects us, or he fears us," said president bush. "If i can scare him as much as he scares his own people, than I know it will be worth it."

The night started with discussions of crime, education, oil production, and women. Chavez, knowing he has problems in each area, took this as a personal attack, glanced over at Bush, and saw the brimstone glance of a higher-being, with fiery breath and a stare to avoid. He mumbled:

Chavez: By Lucifer's beard
Bush: and horns
Chavez: Devil!
Aznar: And he's taken the form of Venezuelan Marxist leader!
Chavez: Fascist!
Zaptero: Easy Chavez, or we'll airship food and supplies to Venezuela to tell the world your a third world country.
Chavez: Backstabber!
Carlos: "Chavez, shut up."


Doug said...

I believe that's when Chavez used "the neener neener chili beaner" defense.

Chris said...

He can say all he wants. he thinks he's going to be dictator for life. i'm thinking he'll be out in 2013 either by law or by revolution.