18 November 2007

Chavez to double oil prices, US Retaliates

At a summit of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) last week, the important matter of rising oil prices was once again on the table. But before anyone could discuss the economics on the agenda, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, was instead interested in attacking Bush.

"If the United States was mad enough to attack Iran or aggress Venezuela again the price of a barrel of oil could reach $150 or even $200," said Chavez.

While president Bush of the US was thumbing through his itinerary to find where Chavez was supposed to speak out, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, a US ally who exports more oil than any other country, took point and said "Oil should not be a tool for conflict, it should be a tool for development."

Bush rose from his seat and said, "If Chavez will double the price of oil, America could double the amount of bombs being dropped." Everybody sat back down.


Doug said...

Or we could double the number of CIA agitators looking to have Chavez deposed, and double their budget.

Chris said...

why stop there? America can afford everything that everyone else can't.

Or we could change tactics. We could invade them the way the Illuminati used to: completely clandestine and eventually replace his current party, much the same way as what happened to the Masons.