02 December 2007

Pornstar Student's Body Found After Grades Slipping

Emily Sanders, known as "Zoey Zane" to random people across the world, was found near El Dorado, Kansas, missing since November 26th. She was last seen with Israel Mireles and his girlfriend leaving a bar.

One of her professors, who goes by the name of "Seymour Balls" had some concerns about her. "The partners she chose started getting more ugly," the porn teacher said. "The guys she did it with, their asses were getting hairier and hairier. Grades are based on a customer's willingness to watch the video 'again.' No one wants to see that."

Other students at the school were worried the same could happen to them. A new policy was introduced to try to prevent this from reoccurring. The principle made an announcement over the intercom. "From now on there will be more cameras in every session. We will have the best chance of avoiding hairy man ass if we can choose between different views when assembling the video."

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