08 December 2007

UK Sewers Slowing Down, Installs Broadband

Homes in and around Longon, UK have been experiencing back-ups in their drainage pipes. Many people are unable to flush the toilet. The problem has reached the UK's Office of Zero Emissions (OOZE) director to combat the problem.

The UK director of OOZE has released a statement to the public. "Human sludge is not being carried fast enough through our sewers because they have not grown along with the rise of London's population. Also, waste is encrusting to the walls of the pipes causing too narrow a passage for the influx of muck."

A new broadband sewer line is being proposed that will theoretically speed the throughput up to 20 Gbps. The bill, called Grand Refinement of Stately Sewers (GROSS) has passed legislation and will commence building within the next few weeks.

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