28 December 2007

Fox News Reports: You've Been Selected To Win a Free XBox 360

Earlier this evening, Foxnews.com has reported they are giving away a free XBox 360 (link may not always activate given claim). Recent visitors may also learn that Comfort Suites has warm breakfasts every day. LLBean offers free shipping. And you can find a date on match.com.

When asked about the new type of news being offered on foxnews.com, an official of the popular news organization had the following to say: "First we started offering articles with no real source for the information. This change came after a strategic poll claiming most news consumers don't really care anyway, and just assume since it's in the news, it must be real. Soon after, we made another change. We started writing shorter and shorter articles by cutting out all the details, and leaving just basic information about the story in. As a further test of our viewers intelligence, we then began placing non-news items all around the site. At the top, the side, the middle, the bottom, and other random spots. Even hidden inside the text are more propaganda aimed to attack the visitors by offering content unrelated to the news they're supposed to be consuming. For those who are casual browsers, often doing other things while clicking around on our site, our stories also speak to you right through your computer speakers, so you're constantly aware that AT&T services Boston. After a short while, 80% of our site had nothing to do with the news, and is where it's at currently."

Today on foxnews.com, you will discover that there are jobs on monster.com, love at chemistry.com, and refinance offers on lowermybills.com. For your convenience, you can even sign up for spam that will invade your emailbox with all kinds of eclectic information, all completely free. Gateway also sells computers. And for those of you who have never been to a Quality hotel, they now welcome you with a smile.


Doug said...

And yet I look all over the site, and can't find any information on herbal penis enhancement!

Uh, for a friend. You know, because it's someone who needs to know. Or so I hear.

Chris said...

You have to refresh the page a couple of times. Or, check your email spam folder. it'll probably be spelled "\/1a g gr/\"