04 September 2007

Britney has bad mouth, joins hood

Two new tracks from Britney's next album has been leaked over the internet, causing outrage. On one song, she throws an F-bomb; on the other, the N-bomb. They were bad enough to be banned from the radio in it's unedited form.

A reporter showed up at her new home, situated in the "bad area" of the city, to ask britney about her new album. She commented, half dancing, half tripping, "Word, cracka. I gots da boys out back rappin' and shit. You should come out, chill wif' my homeys."

The reporter left, astounded, and bought a copy of the Urban dictionary so she could finish her report. She had no idea that Britney turned into a sludge monster after her teen pop years, and never heard swearing in a song before.

After finishing her story, the editor refused to publish it. After intruducing her to rap music, the shock was too much, and she fainted. She was proclaimed permanently innanimate by the end of the day.

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