25 September 2007

Pelosi visits University in Iran, Tasered

Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, went public with her travel plans to Iran. Against all instruction from President Bush, she visited Amirkabir University of Technology speaking on matters such as Homosexuality and the Holocaust. Here are some questions and answers as asked by Iranian students, and answered by her Slitheryness.

Iran Student: Ms. Pelosi, is everyone in America homosexual?
Pelosi: By now, almost, though we try not to offend those who aren't. We are in the process of applying strict politically correct verbiage in all school textbooks. You should visit Key West, Florida.

Iran Student: Ms. Pelosi, did 9/11 actually happen the way the American people think it did, as a terrorist attack by their own gov't?
Pelosi: In America, you are free to pass your own opinions. Some people pass a lot of wind and others start to believe them, including the big cheese. Sometimes, it's necessary to cut the cheese in front of a large group of people.

Iran Student: Ms. Pelosi, what do Americans think about the Holocaust?
Pelosi: As the most hateful event in history. America was obliged to step in to employ our guns and save the Jews. We love the Jews!

The answer to this last question sparked enough protest to alarm the guards. Everyone got out of their seat and the room became increasingly loud. Pelosi raised her voice to shout over the raucous but the guards pinned her down. She then started shouting "Don't tase me bro'!"

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