09 September 2007

US backs 7-tier Internet

The United States Department of Justice has declared Internet Service Providers should be allowed to charge extra for different types of content. They have classified them using the below structure, where the content at the top costs the most:

  1) Educational websites [.edu]
  2) Not for Profit Organizations [.org]
  3) Popular websites (e.g. yahoo.com)
  4) Maddox
  5) free hosting sites (e.g. geocities.com)
  6) porn
  7) Government websites [.gov; usdoj.gov]

It is unknown just how much each tier will cost above the tier below. A spokesman from the US DOJ commented saying, "This is to ensure everyone has access to government websites, no matter what they pay for their internet access, and companies like Microsoft ensure their popular website stays running."

Even before any premiums have been paid, three major telecom companies still had enough funds left for spying, and lobbying.

Only a primal few citizens on Earth think net-neutrality is bad, including the less-than executive employees of Internet Service Providers themselves, as they have to pressure their own employees to lobby.

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