06 August 2007

Fake Steve Jobs revealed

The author of the blog that inspired both Bill Gates and the real Steve Jobs has been revealed. The NY Times, after 14 months of mystery, has unearthed "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs," thus ruining what heretofore have offered amusement and entertainment to everyone. Yes, the real author is the dissociated identity of the real Steve Jobs's alternate personality.

When confronted by accusations from the NY Times, editor Brad Stone patted himself on the back after celebrating; stumbled out of the local pub, Tipsy McStaggers, exclaiming "Now everyone knows it's you Stevie!"

Apple boss Steve Jobs mentioned, "After about the twelth month, I thought no one would ever discover me." Later that day, when questioned by our second reporter, he stated "I still enjoy reading it, even though i now know who's behind it. You never know what it's going to say."

Numerous psychologists have since been attempting to call him and set up an appointment. After realizing they couldn't get through, thought it best for society to just let him be. One, available for contact, gave us her reason: "If he's going to be changing personalities and building Macs on Intel chips, installing Safari on Windows, and removing DRM from iTunes, than his alter-ego is proving to benefit society greater than his truer self.

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